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About Snake River Pool & Spa

Jim PaxtonJim Paxton, was born and raised in Twin Falls and shortly after graduating from high school, entered into the pool and spa business with a good friend and classmate in 1978.  In the spring of 1982, Jim took over the interest in the company and moved the business across the street to 1020 Blue Lakes Boulevard North. Then 20 years later purchased property next door and built a 4500 sf. show room and customer service center in 2002 at 960 Blue Lakes Boulevard North, where it is located today. Over the years, due to the popularity and benefits of home comfort products such as spas, pools, pool tables, saunas etc., the business grew and there was a need to expand.  In October 1989, our second location opened up next to Toys R Us on Milwaukee Street in Boise. Then in November 2003 purchased, remodeled and moved the show room and customer service center into the old Madison Fine Furniture building on south Orchard where we operate in 10,000 sf. in what we refer to the Orchard Street Mall, next to the Children’s Store.

As the founder of Snake River Pool & Spa for over 30 years, I am proud to have devoted my career to serve, along with the rest of The Spa Team, the thousands of customers whom we refer to as our friends.  Together with The Spa Team, we are most grateful for the relationships and business we have established, and are committed to serving you, our customer/friend, with integrity and dedication.  Our workforce is strong and experienced, having won numerous awards, and we are fortunate to have a low turnover ratio. If you are not already part of the family we invite you to check us out, see what we have to offer and you will enjoy the absolute best lifetime experience we have to offer.  Feel free to contact me at any time or one of the other The Spa Team members. We will do what we can to be of service.

Thank you,
Jim Paxton

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