Dolphin Sale

More efficient. More cost-effective. More time for family & friends.

The smartest, most advanced robotic pool cleaners, here to deliver a whole new level of pool cleaning performance. Each model is masterfully crafted to provide incomparable pool scrubbing and cleaning, with a cutting-edge water filtration system, and the best warranty on the market. As part of their advanced design, our best performance Dolphins also include cloud-connectivity via 'MyDolphin™ Plus' mobile app, giving you ultimate cleaning and complete control anytime, anywhere.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

Efficient, effective pool cleaning performance like nothing else!

  • 40ft cable
  • Floors only
  • 1.5hr Cycle
  • Fine Top-load Filter basket
  • Active Brush
  • 2yr Ltd Wty (12mon on PS, Motor, Cable)
  • Combo Filter w/ 2 extra UF panels
  • Weekly Timer
  • Automation Mode
  • 2yr Ltd Wty (18mon
    wty on PS, Motor,
  • 60ft Cable w/Swivel
  • Line Scrubbing
  • XL Filter Basket w/extra set of UF Panels
  • 2 Active Brushes
  • 2yr Ltd Wty (24mon
    on PS, Motor, Cable)
  • BT/WiFi Always
  • My Dolphin+ App
  • NAV Drive
  • Light show feat.
  • 2 Cycle Options
  • Caddy Included
  • 2yr Ltd Wty (12mon
    wty on all wearables)
  • BT/WiFi Always
    Connected Nav
    & Programming
  • 3 Cycle Options
  • Pick-up Mode
  • Dual level filtration
    (2 sets of filters and
    coarse insert)
  • 2yr FULL Wty
    (24mon wty on
  • Dual Drive Motors
  • Increased Power
    (5k gal/hr)
  • CleverClean &
    Power Stream
  • Custom Cycle
  • Enhanced Brushes
    (silicon brush)
  • 3yr Ltd Warranty
    (36mon on PS,
    Motor, Cable)

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