Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Arthritis & Pain Wellness Benefits

TheSpaTeam® SPLASH BLOG: Post updated May 15, 2020


The warm water and massaging jets of your Hot Spring® spa can deliver wellness benefits that reach beyond relaxation. Hot tubbing can improve the quality of sleep, increase circulation, and manage pain – and research shows that making time for a daily soak can be good for arthritis.If you are one of the 46 million Americans affected by arthritis, a Hot Spring® spa might be just what the doctor ordered.

Joint inflammation from arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness, often resulting in the loss of joint movement or function and making exercise difficult and uncomfortable. Immersion in warm water produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that results in reduced joint inflammation – loosening joints, reducing pain and increasing mobility.If arthritis is holding you back from the active lifestyle you crave, try adding a soak in your Hot Spring® spa to your daily routine to help get you moving again.

Twenty minutes of hot tub therapy at the beginning and end of each day can help reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis and increase mobility. To make the most of your hot tub time, keep these tips in mind:

  • Get warmed up. When starting out, set your spa temperature at around 100°F

  • Take advantage of the warm water to try some gentle stretching. The flexibility benefits last after you leave the hot tub, so add a few additional stretches right after you soak.

  • After you’ve stretched, you might want to try some simple hot tub exercises. The buoyancy of the water will take some of the pressure off your joints while adding resistance.

  • Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink some water before entering the hot tub and keep a bottle of cold water nearby as you soak.

  • Consult your physician before starting your hot tub therapy routine. Begin gradually, doing what you are comfortable with on a given day.

Spas provide soothing warm water and buoyancy that release tension and improve your quality of life. These benefits and more can help those affected by arthritis. With a hot tub at home, you can customize a routine of warm water therapy and immersive movement to meet your wellness needs. 

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For more information regarding arthritis and the health benefits of hot tubs, visit the Arthritis Foundation website. 

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Hydrotherapy is an alternative therapy recognized for temporary pain relief of ailments such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, and aches and discomfort following exercise. Studies indicate that the benefits of spa therapy result from a combination of chemical, mechanical, and thermal factors at work. But remember, while hot tubs are recommended for many pain sufferers, you should always consult your physician for health advice.


When you sink into your hot tub, the effect of buoyancy decreases stress on your muscles and joints, allowing for a period of recovery. Water immersion contributes to that recovery by inspiring relaxation of the mind and the body.

Researchers propose that the water’s temperature and pressure against the body help to impede signals of pain to the brain, lessening the actual sensations of pain. This proposition is based on the Gate Control Theory, which suggests that there is a gate-like design to the central nervous system that allows or blocks pain signals based on stimuli.

Thermal water immersion may also serve to reduce muscle spasms and diminish the experience of pain. In fact, it’s common for your mood to improve as you soak in your hot tub. Powerful anecdotal evidence suggests that using a hot tub regularly not only relieves mental and physical tension, but also improves quality of life in the long term. Watch  Consider what Lou, an avid Hot Spring user from New Jersey, has to say about how his hot tub helps to alleviate pain and keep him active:

Your hot tub’s innovative jet massage system allows for active recovery even as you relax in the soothing water. When full-body immersion is practiced, you treat not only the painful areas of your body, but also the muscles, joints, and interconnected tissues that surround those areas. This therapy for widespread relaxation can, therefore, help to relieve acute pain experiences and help to prevent related tension from spreading to surrounding tissues.

Hydrotherapy delivers so much more than once-in-awhile luxury. When practiced, it becomes an integral therapy method that helps to powerfully transform your life and your experience of pain.