Plan a Hot Tub Date Night

Plan Your Romantic Hot Tub Date Night

The best hot tub massage requires powerful jets from a reliable spa model.
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The best date night starts well before the candles are lit. The anticipation builds throughout the day, and by the time you and your partner are finally together, you’re both ready for romance and a deeper-than-usual connection. To make your date night special, consider a romantic soak in your hot tub together. The following tips and ideas are designed to help you plan a uniquely romantic experience.


You can plan your date night on your own or in collaboration with your loved one. Either way, small details go a long way toward making your night special and memorable. Using your hot tub as the evening’s central attraction makes planning the evening a breeze, especially when you focus on inspiring all the senses. Taking small steps every day to improve your well-being can help alleviate physical discomfort, relieve anxiety and prevent stress from building up, which can have negative effects on your emotional health. By incorporating a hot tub into your daily routine, you can address all of these issues and live happier and healthier.


Build up the intention and anticipation for your night. It can be fun to let your partner know early in the day that they should look forward to a relaxing and romantic evening. You could slip them a note asking them to meet you out in the yard once work is done. Or you could send a few texts throughout the day with hints about what’s to come. Or maybe you’d rather keep your date a secret until the time comes, simply letting the anticipation build inside yourself. To prevent your smartphone from getting in the way of good health, leave it in the house when you soak in your hot tub. If you can’t help but have it nearby, turn it on “Do Not Disturb” and use it only for streaming music through a Bluetooth® audio system. The separation from texts, calls and social media will allow you to focus on relaxation as the hot water soothes your body and mind, and the massage jets work to release tension. A little time away from your phone and other devices can have a positive effect on your outlook and improve your personal wellness.


Think about all the things that would make a romantic hot tub experience more cozy and comfortable. Plan on having plush robes ready, along with slippers for walking to and from the tub. For an added touch of romance, you could even sprinkle rose petals along the path leading to your spa. Keep extra towels on hand, too. Most important of all, plan to leave all phones far away and in silent mode during your date night. Work can wait; this night is about you. Give yourselves every opportunity to be present in the moment and devote your attention solely to each other.
The best hot tub massage requires powerful jets from a reliable spa model.


Appeal to the sense of sight by thinking about the after-hours lighting that would best set the mood. You could time your soak to watch the sunset, enjoying its vibrant colors together. Or you could plan for your evening to begin after dark, lit by moonlight or by candles placed on nearby tables. Many hot tubs have customizable lighting features that allow you to adjust the lighting in and around your spa; you can even choose the color of light that you feel best enhances a romantic mood. For a romantic and charming activity, you and your partner can stargaze together from the warmth and protection of your hot tub. Familiarize yourself in advance with the constellations and the stories that go along with them.


Appeal to the sense of smell with some easy hot tub aromatherapy. While it’s never a good idea to drop essential oils or other scents directly into the tub water, this guide to hot tub aromatherapy will direct you toward fragranced products that are specifically designed to be safely used in your spa. Flowers can also delight the olfactory system, so choose some fragrant varieties to place nearby.


Maybe you want to be surrounded by silence during your date night to easily allow for soft conversation, or maybe you’d rather have music playing to set a romantic mood. One great way to build anticipation before your evening is to create a playlist of romantic favorites, making sure to include any songs with special meaning for you and your partner. If your home spa features an advanced entertainment system with wireless speakers, you’ll be able to stream music live or play songs from your collection from any Bluetooth®-enabled device.
The best hot tub massage requires powerful jets from a reliable spa model.


Plan for light bites before and during your soak and save your bigger meal for later. Fruits with a high water content such as strawberries, grapes, and melons are refreshing to eat while relaxing in hot water. Easy-to-nibble appetizers and miniature desserts can also be good options. While the idea of sipping champagne in a hot tub might seem romantic, it’s smart to save it until after your soak—hot tubs increase the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Sparkling water or juice is a better choice. Just be sure to leave the fancy stemware outside your tub: To avoid the risk of broken glass, only use glasses made of an unbreakable material like plastic or acrylic inside your hot tub.
The best hot tub massage requires powerful jets from a reliable spa model.

Look forward to your perfect date

Make this a night to remember by activating all your senses and indulging your capacity for relaxation. Let the hot tub melt away your stress and tension. With a little planning, these romantic moments you and your partner spend together, away from all the stresses and cares of daily existence, can create memories that will last a lifetime.